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About me

Who am I ? I come from a large family of 13 kids. if you had something of your very own and didn’t have to share it’s very special. I am a , little brother to a few and big brother to some. A cousin, uncle, dad, husband and papa to a very select few. I have been a guardian of our country for many years in the military, I've seen many places and countries. A chance to see glad and sad times, of celebration and despair. This is life and this is why I do what I do. The chance to tell a story, to have someone look at what I had the opportunity to create and say to that person or people in a room " Hey remember that day or time when."

Why do I photograph children? When children are like herding cats on energy drinks!! I tell this story because it's apart of my life journey. I lost my first son when he was only 45 days old . The pain sorrow and heartache I went through. Knowing I would never see him learn to walk, say dada play sports ride a bike or find the girl of his dreams. Not knowing that he had no future. I had very little ways to photograph him that I could look back and say remember when. This is a feeling I do not wish for any parent. To have and have said we really don’t have the time because in truth, how much time do we really have. When I photograph children, I look into their eyes and I see excitement, joy and the what if.


What I am expressing to you is that when I am selected for a session I become a storyteller. I get to create special memories of and about people and have them say to the person next to them or in a room of special friends and family remember when. To life is so amazing let’s not forget it "saying I REALLY DON’T HAVE TIME RIGHT NOW” and let’s laugh, cry and say remember when as you look at that printed image. Let’s create a moment in time that will last a lifetime.

This is me.

Trudy Pratt

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Who Am I?

Being the youngest in my family, not to mention, having two older brothers created some very special memories. One of my brothers was always the “joker” of the clan and of course, I was the “easy” target. Being subjected to many pranks, funny and cruel gave me the courage as I grew up to be patient and strong. I have experienced happy and sad times during my life journey. Some more prominent than others.

When I was in middle school, my Mom, was diagnosed with breast cancer. During this time, my big brother was off to college, my Dad traveled a lot, so it was pretty much me and my middle brother, the “prankster” to endure what this journey would bring. Anyone that knew our Mom, loved her!!She was a beautiful lady inside and out. She thrived with helping others and always being available to the schools and whatever we needed. I have fond memories of coming home from school one day, telling Mom, I volunteered to bring 30 popcorn balls to school the next day. A lot of parents would have been upset without being asked first or let alone the short notice! But not our Mom, she would just smile and say okay, let’s get busy!This is one trait that made her so amazing! Her illness continued to take control of her and we lost her about 7 years later. I was only 21 years old, way too young to lose your Mom, who was my best friend.

When I decided to start a family, I would pray to have a daughter. I needed so desperately to have the void of not having a Mom be replaced by me being a Mom to a little girl. God answered my prayers and I was blessed with two amazing girls! They are my world, just like my Mom was to me! I wish my Mom could have lived long enough to meet them, but I have comfort she watches over us. Heaven just needed a“Red Haired Angel” so Mom was the chosen one!!

Five years ago, I faced another challenge of life, being diagnosed with breast cancer myself. After the initial shock, fear and sadness, came the strength of perseverance! I put on my “suit of armor” surrounded myself with positive energy and fought. During this journey you truly start to reflect on life and what is truly important.

What is truly important?

Giving joy to others, cherish every bit that life has to offer, be kind, be respectful and fill your life with happy memories, live life with no regrets!

Being a “memory artist” allows me to give this gift to so many. Creating memories that “tell the story” for generations to come … is who I am!